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Phone number: +982122168630

Address: Room 248, Department of Media and Communication, IRIB University, Niayesh Highway, Tehran, Iran


Academic positions

IRIB University, Department of Media and Communication, Assistant Professor, January 2010-


Book Chapters

1- “Audience Engagement as a Competitive Advantage in Public Television: Case of Gamification Use in IRIB IPTV” with Kianoosh Karimi in Competitiveness in Emerging Markets By Datis Khajeheian, Mike Friedrichsen, Wilfried Mödinger (Eds.), Springer, 2018


Published Papers

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Other Publications

1- “Identifying Generation Z’s Behavioral Patterns in Social Media: A Case Study of Big Data Generated from Active Teens in Instagram” with Datis Khajeheian, Shaghayegh Kolli and Amirhossein Yazdani, The EMMA conference, Warsaw, 2018


Editorial Duties

Editorial Review Board Member of Media Management and Entrepreneurship Journal (JMME)